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Thread: Sage Question

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    I am wondering if anyone has sent in a Sage One recently? Mine could use a replacement section but I am worried, as they are discontinued, that they will send me something else. It is a 7 wt and is THE rod for Wyoming fishing (to bad no trout in Wyo.). Again, no problem with the Method (I have a 6wt) or other Sage rods, it's just that the One is THAT good and if they can,t replace or repair it, I will explore other options.

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    Call them and ask.
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    I sent mine in 3-4 months ago and didn't have any trouble. I would be very surprised if they don't have quite a stock pile of replacement sections for these.
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    .......sorry wrong thread

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    Sage will repair/replace with same rod model, typically for about 15-20? years. About 5 years ago they stopped repairing Gen 3 and Gen 4 rods like the SP and LL. You will get upgraded to an appropriate Gen 5 model, which they will repair for many years to come. Gen 3e is the one I don't understand, as they still use it in their entry-level rods, but won't repair a 16 yr old SLT (upgrade to TXL-F).

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    I think you'll be fine. I have VPS that I broke a year ago and they sent me a new section. Those have been out of production for a long time.

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    I have sent in my Sage One and Sage VPX at least 5 times each and have had extensive conversations with their head of warranty Patrick.

    He told me that they have the materials to repair any rod they have produced clear back to the 1990s'

    So no need to worry about availability of repair.

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    I broke one of my coveted LL's last week. Just talked to them, and they are going to build me a brand new Graphite III LL for $125! This is because my Graphite II was not covered by warranty, and they can no longer get the carbon they used on the original Graphite II's. I jumped on the offer to "upgrade" to a brand new 4711 LL GIII, even though I'd of preferred the earlier generation. It'll cost 'em more than $125 to help me out.

    So, they have the materials to build most everything except for the Graphite II LL's according to the repair tech I spoke with. I would think that since the One is fairly modern in the grand scheme of things, they could build you a section, or even have some laying around.

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    Im sure they have thousands of extra sections for the Sage one, especially with it being so recently discountinued. If it was ten years down the road, I would be a little more concerned. Id move this to the general section of the forum...

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    Your safe , my buddy sent in a One 690 when a 100 lb. bottle (filled) of Acetylene broke loose in his truck and flattened the rod, they sent a new replacement.
    There was nothing left to salvage as you might guess.........

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