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  1. Default Pinedale Area Question

    Sorry guys, heres another.

    Have the trip planned, fishing the Green River, Roaring Fork River, Native Lake, Crescent Lake, Clear Lake, Clear Creek.

    Got a message from a guy that fished Goldens on Clear Lake, did not catch anything, did not see any fishing rising in the evening.

    Said he spoke with the area shop and was advised last year was really, really dry, low water levels made fish vulnerable to fishermen, predation and heat......really reducing the numbers.

    Your thoughts.................possible................. look for Glacier Driven water as it may not have suffered as bad......panic and change plans, buckle down and ride it through

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    Default Re: Pinedale Area Question

    I'd talk to the fly shop in Pinedale. They would be your best information that I know of. Can't think of the name but it was listed in your previous post on your trip.
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    Default Re: Pinedale Area Question


    I can't help with the Clear Lake question.
    I've fished the Roaring Fork River a number of times, great nymph fishing.
    They also have a Green Drake hatch but I have never been down there to fish it. The local fly shops will have a map you can purchase that details all of the public access points (and there are quite a few especially on the upper sections) that offer excellent fishing.


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