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  1. Default Dolores River, CO

    Greetins all --

    I'm a new member and this is my first post. A little information about myself: I'm an archaeologist and live in Austin, Tx. My flyfishing experience is limited but I occasionally get out and chase warm water species in the local creeks and rivers.

    However, I will be traveling to SW CO in early November for an elk hunting trip and have discovered that our access road to the National Forest will take me across the Dolores River at Bradfield Bridge (below McPhee Reservoir). I am currently waiting for a copy of Fly Fishing Southern Colorado but I have visited the Duranglers website and it appears that the river might be fishable during the particular time of year I plan to be there. The website also provides some good general information but I am hoping that some of you with personal experience on the river might be able to provide me with some additional information such as equipment needs, (i.e. rod length), type of flies, and general information about the river that might be of help.

    Any information would be appreciated and great forum you all have here.

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    I fished the Delores with a Duranglers guide on sept 11, 2001---the events of the day made the trip insignificant.

    I caught a bunch of rainbows around 15-18" on small nymphs and a 22" brown capped the day on a hopper---an 8' to 9' 6 wt would do nicely.
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