I’m proud to announce Don Oliver as the new moderator for the “Rocky Mountain Range” section of this forum. Don is no doubt one of the best fly fishing guides anywhere. To top that off… he guides in one of the best fly fishing areas in the country… Colorado and New Mexico. Don Oliver Fishing Guide is based in Durango, Colorado. Don says, “as a fishing guide, I provide services that fishermen and ladies need in their trips to this area.” Don’s services include: teaching first-time beginners, helping novices perfect their casting, and providing experts with a fishing experience they will remember for years to come. It is the mission of Don Oliver Fishing Guide to provide a fun and safe trip, to provide a positive learning experience, and to promote an appreciation of fly fishing and the San Juan National Forest.

Don is a fellow Texan so that has to be a big mark in his favor. After growing tired of the hustle and bustle of the Dallas area he had a change of heart, attitude and mind. He left his successful career behind to become a fly fishing guide in the wilds of Colorado. A dream comes true. He is now a dry fly fanatic. If you hang around him long enough you’ll become one too. Don loves dapping a dry fly in a high mountain small stream deep in the forest. If you enjoy escaping the crowds, Don can provide total seclusion for you. Don also guides on the San Juan River in New Mexico. Check out his guide service at www.donoliverfishingguide.com Don also owns an online fly shop. Don’s Fly Shop can be found at www.donsflyshop.com

Don is certainly qualified to answer all of your fly fishing questions… so ask away!