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    Default Summer in Colorado

    I am looking into the possibility of renting a place in Colorado for a month next summer ('09). We are looking at the end of June or first of July and spending 4-5 weeks. Looking for an area where the family can just spend a great summer month in the mountains and have family and friends visit. Of course I want a place where I can fish rivers and small mountain lakes as well. I am looking for recommendations on what areas to look into. If anyone has recommendations on people to contact to help me with finding a place to rent, that would be great as well. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Summer in Colorado

    I would recommend looking into the Basalt/Carbondale areas. That would give you the opportunity to fish some great water: Roaring Fork, Frying Pan, Colorado River, Crystal River and a number of lakes and reservoirs. Glenwood Springs has a natural hot springs. Aspen and Snowmass nearby.

    The next area I would recommend would be somewhere in the Durango area. Lots of rivers in this area, San Juan, animas, Gunnison, Dolores and lots of mtn streams.

    Last year with the extremely heavy snowfall the spring run off didn't finish until well into July. That shouldn't be too much of a problem with either of these destinations as the San Juan and the Frying Pan are tailwaters.


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    Default Re: Summer in Colorado

    Larry mentioned the Durango area, I love that area, have not been there in a few years, but the area is amazing.
    I gotta get back there and take the old train ride to Silverton.

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    You might try the Lake City, Colorado area. (No, I'm not a realtor OR professional guide.) Lake City is the "other" side of the mountains from Durango. The fly fishing is 10x better than the Durango side and virtually nobody knows about Lake City. Granted, it is high altitude (the city is almost 9,000 feet and the fishing is all "up" from there) so nobody with health issues should go there. Also, Lake City is such a small town that there's no video arcade or fast-food or cinema-plex's or mall etc... It's absolutely THE classic 4rth of July place if you like small town Americana but once again, the kids might be bored off their goards. The fishing, hiking and mountain biking are the best in Colorado although nobody seems to know that. Check it out on Google (I don't know the website but punch in Lake City Colorado.) Accomodations have been difficult to find in Lake City so I'd recommend booking early. We've used a real-estate office called Hall Realty to try to rent a cabin. Good Luck.


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    Default Re: Summer in Colorado


    I forgot all about the Silverton RR. In the summer they have a bicycle race with the RR from Durango to Silverton. I've never seen it but have been down there when the bike racers are training, its pretty impressive watching them peddle up some of those steep passes. The wife and I were in Silverton one time having lunch when the train came in. It stops right in the middle of town. They had a serviceman aboard that had just came back from Iraq. After they shut the train down they presented him with the US flag that was flying on the train. It was pretty cool!


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    Default Re: Summer in Colorado

    That would be very cool Larry. I bet that is a 'butt kickin' of a race!!

    One of these daysI'm gonna ride that ol' Train.

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    Default Re: Summer in Colorado

    All of the previous suggestions are great areas to fish... I love the Conejos River in Southern Colorado near can fish streams, rivers and mountain lakes...It doesn't get as much play as other areas and I really like that. Also you are an hour from South Fork and the Rio Grand....a couple of hours from Durango and the great small stream fishing there....Check out Conejos River Anglers to check on the area.

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    Here is a great site for looking up vacation rentals, B&B, Cabins, and all sorts of things for Colorado. Vacation Homes in Colorado by Town - The Colorado Vacation Directory

    You might want to try asking on some local Colorado sites as well, PM me if you want to know some of those links.
    Rick S.

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    When do you fish the conejos?

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    A few places come to mind.

    1) South Fork. This is a family friendly area. It's really more of an RV area but driving through I've seen cabins and such for rent in town. The Rio Grande river goes through it, and 3-5 miles west of town are the quality waters. I fished there one morning and had a good time catching 15" browns on Green Drakes. Be careful if you wade - the water is a bit fast and very deep in parts.

    2) Pagosa Springs. Decent little tourist/resort town at the foot of the San Juan mountains. The San Juan mountains are one of the most beautiful and rugged mountain ranges in Colorado. There's plenty of small and medium sized trout rivers nearby and there are some lakes too.

    3) If you can afford it, the Vail/Breckenridge areas are absolutely beautiful settings with lakes and lots of small rivers.

    4) Lake City. Absolutely beautiful setting. Lake Fork of the Gunnison river, lots of great spots along this river. I fished it once at dusk a couple years ago. I had moderate success with 10-13" rainbows. But the fun part was watching a huge beaver slapping the water with its tail.

    Have fun deciding on a place!

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