Here's another one from my North American Fishing magazine monthly news:

Steelhead Coming To Boise River
BOISE, ID—Idaho anglers who want to catch a steelhead without burning a tank of gas will have that opportunity this fall as the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced it has begun planting adult steelhead into the Boise River. The DFG is trapping the steelhead in Hells Canyon in cooperation with Idaho Power Corporation. During surplus years, steelhead are moved to the Boise River to mitigate for the loss of fisheries caused by the Hells Canyon complex of dams.
All steelhead anglers must have a valid fishing license and a steelhead permit. Idaho's statewide limits for steelhead are three fish per day, nine in possession and 20 per season. When fishing the Boise River anglers are not required to use barbless hooks, because there's no chance of catching a wild steelhead

Again if this is old news then I'm sorry. Thought it was interesting.