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  1. Default Fishing The Reef in Wyoming

    Just wondering what fly rod/line weight people recommend to fish the grey reef of the north platte river in wyoming? Specifically to cast streamers.

    Thanks - John

  2. Default Re: Fishing The Reef in Wyoming

    I would say a 6 weight would cover it or a possible 5, in at least an 8 1/2' length.
    I have not fished it sorry to say, but I can't imagine it any different than the snake, or the Madison.

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    I would agree, when casting streamers of any size I use a 9' 6wt with a weight forward line, if I know I'll be makeing long cast alot I may pick up my 7 weight, or the wind is blowing.
    Enjoy your trip

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    Default Re: Fishing The Reef in Wyoming


    I use a 9ft 5 wt fast action rod. It works fine, but a 6 wt might be a better choice, especially in the spring winds. I primarily fish san juan worms, rock worms, leeches, scuds and midges on the Reef. I don't like to fish the Reef when the wind is forecast above 15 mph. The predominate wind is up-stream which makes for a long row to the first takeout at Lusby, expecially on the lower section where the current slows. The over thing is that when the wind is howling there is no place to seek shelter. So I really look at the wind forecast before deciding on heading up there. I've fished it when the wind forecast was 25 mph but it felt more like 45. You couldn't rig your pole except inside the truck. I was fishing a double nymph rig and would let the downstream water load the line and then try to cast upstream keeping the line close to the water and couldn't get the rig any further than abeam of my position in the water.


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    Question Re: Fishing The Reef in Wyoming

    Just curious, how about a 11' 7-wt. "Switch" fast action rod (Sage Z-Axis)? Seems to me it would handle the wind fairly well while still having some sensitivity.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

  6. Default Re: Fishing The Reef in Wyoming

    Thanks for all of your responses. I know a 7 wt would be adequate, I just want to make sure my new 6 wt is gonna cut it. I think as long as I avoid the heavy winds, which can be tough in Wyoming, my 6 wt should be fine (especially with a weight forward line).

    Thanks - John

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