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    Default Just Had to go . . .

    Its been a "normal" winter. "Real." Cold. Snowy at times. The kind I have grown accustomed to in my life in these parts. Recent years have me a little spoiled though. I've been used to getting out on the nicer days in February and early March when the first hatches bring lots of eager fish up. We haven't had any winter bluebird days this year though, so a day above 32 pulled me right to the river. The super-low flow of 780 cfs has been very inviting. Everything else could wait a few hours.

    I kept it short, as the wind still blew a little and 34 is at the lowest range of my voluntary fly fishing limit. I don't do ice in the guides anymore. I managed to see some noses and get quite a few fish to eat late morning and early afternoon. I could only fish straight upstream with the wind direction. Then the wind and cold sort of took the fun meter down enough to quit before I might otherwise do on a 50 degree day. The weather people/computers say a "big one" is coming any hour now.

    So I got the waders wet, cast to some fish, bent the rod, and came home without even getting my hands wet or losing my frozen toes. Even managed a few camera clicks. About all I needed was a little black Para Adams, most visible on the white glare of high clouds. White wings worked in the brief sunny periods. They aren't picky this time of year.


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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    Jim, I love that place and love your posts, you should do more.

    I am planning on being there in late April for a 2 day drive by. I love having kids in Utah and Idaho, amazing how many excuses I find to help them move, bring them furniture or the new one in April, "I will bring your horse out to you and on the way home stop by river"
    Kids are finally paying off

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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    Awesome day of on the Green, congrats!

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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    That looks great!

    We're still covered in snow and ice.......

    But I know Spring is coming. I can feel it in the bones of my rod hand.
    Tight lines!

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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    Definitely need to try and get back there. Beautiful area. Thanks for the pics!
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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    Nice story and beautiful photos - thanks!!

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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    You had a good day on one of my favorite places. I love that spot in winter. Hardly any people and the scenery is just stunning. Thanks for this.

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    Default Re: Just Had to go . . .

    Looks amazing!

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