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Thread: Frying Pan 1-11

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    I hit the pan this sunday, and its on fire. Crowds were not to bad, most people were in the bend hole. I worked the flats from the bend to toliet bowl, and saw lot of fish. The flys of choice were shrimp, eggs, and midges. I had caught a few browns that were still spewing eggs. Anyways, ended up catching my bigges bow ever, mesuring at 23 inches. Put up a hell of a fight, and lucky for me a gentelman fishng the toliet bowl and cam down and took a picture of it.

    If you dont mind being cold, the pan is place to be.


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    Hi Coloradokid,

    Thanks for the pictures. Nice fish.


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    Your welcome Frank.

    Im new to site, but i like it a lot so far. You will be seeing more of me.

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    Hi Coloradokid,

    That is great. Maybe you can teach us something.


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    Great fish man, isnt it a thrill to catch a bow that big, good job

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    Awsome fysh, great colors! wayda go CK!
    Tell us more about the "Pan".

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    Re: Frying Pan 1-11

    I am dumb... What is the pan and where is it? And it really doesn't look like that fish will fit in any toilet we have in Missouri, is the toilet in TX :^D

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    Critter: The Pan is the Frying Pan river, a tailwater located near Basalt, CO (between Glenwood Springs and Aspen). The toilet bowl (or plunge pool) is the first pool below the dam, the bend pool is located at the first big bend in the river below the dam. CK was referring to fishing the stretch of water from the dam to the first big bend. Lots of fisherman tend to stack up in bobth the bend pool and the toilet bowl. This river has two miles of water protected as catch and release and Colorado classifies it as one of their gold metal waters renowned for trophy sized trout, but of course it sees a lot of fishing pressure just like all tailwaters.


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    mcnerney info is very accurate. The fish in there have an abundant of food, one primary source is mysis shrimp that come out of the reservior, makes them fish very fat and colorful. But these fish are very picky about what they eat, you need place it right in front of them. Sight fishing is very easy at low winter flows, getting them to the bite and to thenet is a different story. Most fish i saw were in 8 - 20 inces of water.

    The Frying pan is very busy especially in the summer. In winter it is one of the only rivers fishable because it is a tailwater, so can be busy too.

    Here is a short underwater video, pretty cool, would have been longer, but i wanted to get it revived asap.

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    Thanks both of you for the info.

    I am heading to San Juan the 19th and 20th. I will keep this in my hip pocket for early spring late fall fishing. My wife might enjoy as well.

    As far as bunch of people if you ever want to enjoy the "Tailgate" part called opening day.. Make your way to Missouri's March 1 opener in our Trout Parks..

    I can not tell you where on earth you can get fishermen drinking till 4:00 am standing in water till 6:00 am and casting together in one split second except in Missouri.

    Record year was about 6000 tags sold for 1 day and the steam is only 3 miles.

    Needless to say this isn't about fishing it is about the Jack and Jim bottles shared around the 55 Gallon drum with logs burning to warm you up.

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