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Thread: Help Please........

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    I'm planning to fish Montana the first week of Aug. looking for some help on which rivers and techniques to fish this time of the year, I fly fished the great lakes for 20 years and I'm making my first trip to Montana fishing... Iíve been thinking the bighorn, but I think thatís more Nymphs fishing then anything. I think I would like to do more top water fishing or streamers fishing (spey) yes I can nymph, but thatís my least favorite way to fish. Any Help?

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    I'm kind of in theh same boat but it turn out I have a freind who lives on the Bitterroot. Everything I read says it is a great dry fly river.

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    Hope this helps,

    I flew into Missoula last Aug. and rented a car. I went fishing up Rock Creek
    ( 13 miles east on I 90 ) , fishing was great for 12 -16 inch browns and rainbows
    on hopper patterns and stimulators. Fishing was best 15 - 20 miles up creek.
    stop at the Mercantile 1 mile off the freeway for info and flies.

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    Highly recommend spending big bucks on this: The Montana Angling Guide (2nd Edition): Chuck Fothergill, Bob Sterling: Books

    Used copy is 50 cents!!! Has maps, access points, and tons of info, including a section on Yellowstone NP. A really great book if you want to do it your self and get a an idea of all the different options out there.

    Craig Mathews also has a couple great books on YNP and other areas out that way, and his shop Blue Ribbon Flies is a great source of info, guides are first rate if you want to do a float etc.

    You might want to post questions about MT on the General Discussion forum too, tons of options and a lot of guys from all over fish out there. You'll get tons of info.

    Sounds like a great trip, you'll have a blast.


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    Hit the gulpers on Hebgen lake, then drive south to Henry's Fork and South fork for Hopper season and various other dry patterns!

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    Peregrines has given you a good site to check out, Craig Matthews is a great source for info on the area.
    That time of year you can count on many miles of hopper fishin on the Madison, or hop over the mountain and go fish Tricos on the Henrys' Fork.

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    Another guy to talk to would be Kelly Galloup, The Madison has some great streamer water. The Slide Inn, Madison River, Montana

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