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    Default Re: Any input on a trip I'm trying to plan? - Colorado

    Quote Originally Posted by reels View Post
    If you're just looking to catch some huge fish on private water you can consider places like Boxwood Gulch too

    Fly Fishing Trips - Trout and Boxwood Fishing in Denver CO | Boxwood Gulch

    I think they require a guide, but I've never looked into details.
    Huge beautiful fish, but they aren't native; stocked (obviously).

    Like Doug said above -- people from Denver do head that direction on the weekends so you can certainly expect to see (put lightly) other anglers if you fish public water in that area. But you also likely wouldn't be alone on the Gunni either.
    Boxwood is for the wealthy to catch big fish in a very controlled environment. It gives much less satisfaction under this guise for me. It is why I suggested the place I did...not so stuffy and much less expensive but really big fish in an easy to control environment. Either way they are pellet pigs and not naturally fed.

    As a few have probably said the fishing locations are many and available and time is rare.

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    Default Re: Any input on a trip I'm trying to plan? - Colorado

    ifitswims: Yup; just trying to help the guy out since he mentioned private fishing

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