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Thread: Wyoming Carp

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    Default Wyoming Carp

    Looking to get into the carp game this summer...there are some carp in nearby reservoirs which are trout lakes. But I have seen some monsters in there, so I’d like to try for them. Does anyone in the Rocky Mtn. region have any suggestions as to parts of the lakes to target, favorite flies, or when is the best time to go after them temp. wise?

    I have heard that inlets and flooded areas during runoff will hold carp, but I really don’t know anyone who fishes for them! Figured I would poke around in here for some advice.

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    I am still amazed that carp will take a fly!

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    All summer they cruise sandy and muddy flats. Also broken rock banks looking for mayfly nymphs, crayfish, and snails. It’s a sight fishing game, so it’s best to get a little bit elevated and look for them cruising the flats. Small buggers, bonefish-style flies, and anything wiggly and suggestive of nymphs or crayfish should work. Most patters are fairly simple and if you google “carp flies” you’ll spot some common themes. This time of year is prime for spotting then in the shallows! Good luck and report back on your adventures!

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