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    Default Southern Idaho- SE, SC or SW?

    Taking several factors in consideration- 1. Close to urban area, 2. lower the cost of housing the better, 3. lower amount of snow the better and 4. close to a variety of trout fishing- warm water species is not my thing. What are your thoughts of SW (Boise area), SC (Twin Falls area) or SE (Pocatello/Idaho Falls area)?
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    Default Re: Southern Idaho- SE, SC or SW?

    I lived in Pocatello and then Blackfoot from 1991 to 2001. That area certainly offers the most variety of trout fishing by far.

    Boise is certainly the best (or only) urban area in the whole state, but it is also the most expensive and the fishing would certainly be the most crowded as a result.

    I really liked Pocatello. Twin Falls is a nice city, and there are fishing opportunities there, but certainly not the same quality especially close. Silver Creek is still wonderful, but is well over an hour away and the Sun Valley area is way expensive.

    In Poky I could be in my waders and casting over rising trout 20 minutes from the house. The South Fork of the Snake was less than an hour away. And Island Park (Henry’s Fork) was about 2 hours. If you want more specifics about some fishing there, send me a PM.

    There were also many reservoirs and lakes that provided lots of fishing when the rivers were blown out during run off.

    With the way the climate has changed, Poky and Blackfoot really aren’t that bad in the winter though they would have more winter than either of the other two locations.

    Blackfoot is a lot smaller for other amenities, but Pocatello area is well over 50,000 and has reasonable shopping and good restaurants. For your city fix or shopping or major airport you would likely drive south to Salt Lake City (about 3 hours).

    I really enjoyed Pocatello and came close to moving back there when I retired, but the summers are hotter than we get at 7,200 feet in Laramie. That didn’t bother me,but my wife is originally from Portland, Oregon and hates hot weather. Boise or Twin Falls would have been way too hot for her.

    I think housing in Poky is still very inexpensive, especially compared to Colorado or my part of Wyoming.

    Let me know if you want more. I would have never left that part of Idaho if it wasn’t for professional opportunities here.

    Best wishes,


    You might want to pick up a copy of Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Idaho by Ken Retallic and Rocky Bleier. That will give you all sorts of info on the fishing and access.

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    Default Re: Southern Idaho- SE, SC or SW?

    Good @ Rocky “Bleier”

    Not even close. SE is the best.

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    Default Re: Southern Idaho- SE, SC or SW?

    Quote Originally Posted by clay tonian View Post
    Good @ Rocky “Bleier”

    Not even close. SE is the best.
    Yeah, I already corrected it to Rocky Barker (who I know) in a PM to the OP. See, when you are from Pittsburgh the other name just jumps onto the page without thinking.

    Sorry about that.


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    Default Re: Southern Idaho- SE, SC or SW?

    A very timely thread! 'Poky' is on my radar for retirement in a couple years. I wasn't sure how much fishing was in close proximity, but it sounds like there are plenty of options. Thanks for sharing sparsegraystubble

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