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    Default Wydaho trip report

    Just returned from a Wyoming-centric fishing trip and thought Id post up a few. This trip I flew in to Jackson and started out with the Snake drainage.

    Hoback SRFSC
    Upper Gros Ventre
    SRFSC from Snake in Teton park...spent 1.5 hours working on this guy.
    Snow came next and the precip blew out the Wind River. Did manage a nice bow at Wedding of Waters.
    He was working baetis emergers and I got lucky hook stayed.
    Fished both forks of Shoshone; probably my favorite places in Wyoming. I really love that SF. Stunning scenery.
    Worked my way up to Silver Gate and fished the Lamar drainage next.

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    Moved on over to Silver Gate to fish the Lamar drainage in the park.
    Clark Fork canyon
    Fish in the Lamar are always on the move. I spent a couple of days looking for them. The muddy water didnt help. I decided to toss streamers one evening and hooked up with this beast...
    Strongest trout Ive ever caught. Made several long runs and had me guessing what it was, with the murky water and sinking sun. Spent a good long while reviving her. Shes still there, terrorizing little cutties and crayfish.

    Firehole was amazing. Snow flurries and pseudos are a great combo. Had surprise visit from a curious buff...always pay attention in the park. They will sneak up on you.

    Finished up the trip on Henrys Fork. Got a really nice bow on a sz 24 sparkle dun tied in motel room night before. Sadly, she was photo shy. But I had the fork to myself on a gorgeous day and I walked out just as the blanket of baetis started to turn the river grey.

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    Looks like an awesome trip in beautiful country. Thx for posting!

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    No small fish for you! :-)


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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    What a great trip and some impressive fish! It must be a great time of year to fish those rivers.

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    There have to be more pictures The fish look great!

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    Great report and I loved all those awesome photos, thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    Looks like a great time in some amazing country. One of these days I'll make it out there.

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    Default Re: Wydaho trip report

    Thanks for sharing! Brings back some good memories. Spent some time there in August....always tough to leave

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