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Thread: Dream Stream 3-6-09

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    Thanks to Yatahey for the recent report from the DS, i got inspired to make the 250 mile round trip to do some fishing on Friday. And it was well worth it. I arrived around 830, and about 5 cars in upper parking lot and two in the lower lot. One friend, got into two fish right away, then i was dead till about noon. It was pretty crowded, but we fished the same 100 yard section all day. We were fishing in pretty shallow water, id say 2-3 feet. I caught a nice cutty on a charturse egg, and rest on small red midges. I saw a couple of reds holding fish, did not fish to them, though they seemed very active. It is fishing very good right now. My buddy landded the biggest around 23 inches or bigger. I was very happy with my cutt, that is bigest i have ever caught.

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    Nice work. Looks like ya got into some good ones.

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    That's awesome! Looks like you had great time and caught some big fish!! Nice job!!

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    Nice going! Looks like you hooked into some very nice fish.


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    Thanks guys, it was a great day, one illnever forget. That place is packed with nice fish. Thanks again yatahey!!!

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    Good Stuff there y'all! I've been raving about the dream stream here for years. Thanks for supplying evidence that I wasn't just making it up.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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