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    Default Float tubing the Bighorn

    I am considering float tubing the Bighorn below Yellowtail in Montana. Anyone ever try this? From what I have been able to uncover, it seems very possible. I would like any info you guys have about your experience on the river in this area.

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    Default Re: Float tubing the Bighorn

    It has been done but I would highly recommend not doing it. First and foremost because even though the Bighorn is fairly mild it does have some dangers that could kill you in a float tube. I watched in horror as a guy in a pontoon boat almost met the grim reaper this last spring. Secondly the water in the Bighorn is very cold and I don't care what wading gear you have you will get cold. Thirdly you better be ready for a fist fight if you can't control the tube and stay out of other folks way. It is a busy river and there will be guys who will take exception to you floating in a float tube, especially if you float over the hole they are wade fishing in. If you are dead set on using the tube I would recommend that you just use it to ferry yourself across the river at the Three mile access. There is a ton of great wade fishing below the access and you could use the tube to get from one side to the other.

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    Default Re: Float tubing the Bighorn

    I am with Biggie on this one. I would definitely advise against it. I've talked to people that have done it and won't do it again. The water is very cold !!!!

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    Default Re: Float tubing the Bighorn

    My sentiments exactly. I've tubed in warmwater current and it is not a good feeling, you are completely vulnerable. With the added danger of hypothermia, definitely not worth the risk. milt.

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    Default Re: Float tubing the Bighorn

    Thanks guys. I have decided to use a boat the first time. When I do float rivers in my tube I always get out and walk around when I come upon someone fishing which is why I was planning on doing the Bighorn in April or early May. I won't ever fish there in June, July or August. Too many streams nnearby with no one on them in the summer.
    The Green below Flaming Gorge gets a lot of tubers in the summer which is why I thought it might work in the Bighorn.

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