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  1. Default Sept 21st Montana trip BOOKED!!!!

    My honeymoon to Montana is booked and I will be staying at Riversbend Lodge for half a week on the Yellowstone near Emigrant and the other part of the trip will be at Bar-N-Ranch, West Yellowstone. I am wondering if anyone fishes these areas regularly and can give some advice for that time of year. I have found some smaller creeks on the map that I would like to try out but not finding much info about them. If you have a great spot to fish that is not a big secret then please share and if it is a secret then you can always send me a personal message. I understand this is asking alot from other fly fishers sometimes, but with this being a trip of a lifetime for me, I want to have the best chance of getting in some decent numbers and hopefully a 20+" fish.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Sept 21st Montana trip BOOKED!!!!

    Sorry I can't help you with where to go info but WOW Honeymooning on a trout stream..... I'm impressed... You got a keeper
    Good Luck....

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