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  1. Default Fishing Island Park, Idaho.

    Having bought a vacation home in Island Park is what finally got me into flyfishing. I was wondering if any of you ever had a chance to experience the area? If you are a regular, maybe you have a favorite time to go? Maybe a favorite water; Yellowstone Park, Madison, Henry's Fork, Henry's Lake, Gallatin, South Fork or? Its cold and snowy here in Utah right now and looking forward to spring and the chance to do it all over again.
    My best flyfishing was at the end of June last year drifting the Box Canyon on the Henry's Fork. Caught numerous browns, the largest being 20", and rainbows, largest 17"; One brookie 12", and too many White Fish the largest being a 23" fighter. Thats the "Grand Slam" for the Box. I was pretty excited because it was my second year learning. What was your experience?

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    I never have but have wanted to for some time now. Especially Henry's Lake.. I have heard some incredible stories about that place..

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    I love Island Park....The Box Canyon is great...For pure fun and a bunch of fish...try drifting with nymphs on the warm water section...above Ashton...a real hoot!!!!.....I try to get up there a couple of times a year...but have just changed jobs and my new one doesn't include Idaho as part of my territory...Will more than likely do a August trip this year.

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