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Thread: Grand Junction

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    I'm in upstate N.Y., but will be working in Grand Junction Colorado in June and again in August. I know the area is great for mountain biking. Is there any good fly fishing within a reasonable drive? thanks,Frogge.

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    frogge: I have never fished that far west, but I know there are a number of lakes on the Blue Mesa, then there is the Colorado River and here are some links that might help:
    The first is the locat TU/FFF chapter:

    Here is a site that describes some of the fishing possibilities:

    Here is a link to the local fly shop and a description of the local waters:
    Western Anglers - Simms, Scott, Ross, Winston, Fishpond Fly Fishing

    You also would only be 90 miles from Glenwood Springs (Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers).


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    IF you cant find good fly fishing in that area you arent looking... you have to decide which type of fly fishing you want to do trout or warm water. While the warm water is some what limited the access you got produces quality fish... also how far are you willing to drive.
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    One of the best trout streams in the US (might be the world) is a few hours away at Dutch John, UT; it is the Green River. We did a 3 day/2 night fishing/camping trip about 10 years ago. I have never seen so many large trout (browns, rainbow, cuts and cutbows) any other place. If you head a few hours to the east, you are in the heart of the Rockies. I doubt that there are any cold water areas much closer than 3-4 hours, but a few hours to these great areas and a few more hours to many areas to the north will land you in some of the best streams in the US.

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    thanks for the help. I'm going to be working alot of hours out there so I expect my driving time may be a tad limited. Then again for world class fishing, who needs to sleeps. Thanks,Frogge.

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    I grew up in Grand Junction. The closest mountain fishing is the Grand Mesa, a large flat top mountain directly east of the town. It is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive to where you can find fishing. Literally hundreds of lakes - looks like Minnesota on a map. The mosquitoes are trecherous - I mean world class - especially in August. June may still have snow on the ground, but you can still fish. However, the small stream fishing is really fun. NO CROWDS! The brookies and bows you catch are not big, but will munch on dries all day long. Pocket water and beaver ponds. All you need are short 3 or 4 weight rods and big dries like humpies or irresistables or even royal coachmen. The lakes produce well, but mostly on bait. If you drive to the area around Montrose, Co (Think Ross Reels!) about 1 1/2 hours away, you have the Gunnison river, a much larger body of water. There is a spot just below the Ridgeway Reservoir that has really good sized trout. There is the White River near Meeker, Co (about 2 hours away) and the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan in Glenwood Springs (about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away). The Fork and Pan are more technical bodies of water but produce much nicer fish - these are my favorites on that side of the state by a long shot. Go to Gene Taylor's Sporting Goods in GJ just west of town. They can give you the inside scoop on where to go and what to use. Get a good map!

    Good Luck. Weather should be warm and dry for you. Watch the afternoon thunderstorms and pack a rain jacket and plenty of bug dope.

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    A place called "Pleasure Park." From Grand Junction take Highway 50 south to Delta (about 40 miles), then take Highway 92 East (about 15 miles). You'll see a sign on the right for Pleasure Park, turn right, take the dirt road down about a mile.

    Park, put on your waders, walk to the North Fork, fish it for a while, then cross and walk about 1/4 mile west to the main gunnison river.

    I'm new to GJ so I don't know if the North Fork is wadeable in June/August. I'll know it's wadeable now cuz I've done it a couple times. But the river is probably higher in the summer.

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    Thanks for the help. As it turns out my job evaporated and I'll probably here in the east this summer. If any of you all are out this way give me a shout and I'll try to return the favor of you generousity. Thanks,Frogge.

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    I think everyone has just about covered it. You can easily find fishing within an hours drive. I personally like the Grand Mesa, not only some fun fishing, but the scenery is second to none.

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