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Thread: Bozeman/Livingston/Emigrant

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    My flight will be coming into Bozeman and I will be driving from there over to Livingston and then south for around 35 miles to just south of Emigrant. I will need to stop at couple places and need some advice.

    1) Fly Shops
    2) Supermarket with GREAT STEAKS!!!! and other food.
    3) Beer Store/Liquor Store.

    Any recommendations along that route for these needs plus any good place to eat along the way might be nice.

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    You have lots of options when it comes to flyshops. There are 5 shops in Bozeman and 4 in Livingston as well as a shop in Emigrant. As far as which one to stop at that really depends on which direction you head out of the airport and how much of a detour you want to make. The easiest shop to get to from the airport is either the River's Edge or one of the shops in Livingston. As far as steaks and booze are concerned you have several options as well. For some really good home grown steaks there is a meat shop called Big Sky Premium meats and they raise all their own cattle and raise them in Gallatin Gateway. Local beef is great but you do pay a premium for it. To get to the butcher shop you need to head south on Hwy 191 to Four Corners. It is about 6 miles from Belgrade and the airport. At Four Corners you travel another half mile south of the only stop light and the meat shop is on your right. Two of Bozeman's flyshops are also in Four Corners, if you are an Orvis Guy their is Fins and Feather and if you are not there is Greater Yellowstone Fly Fishers, which is a very nice shop that is stocked to the gills with most of the product lines that are out there.
    If you don't want to make the side trip and want to head straight for Livingston you could stop at the River's Edge Flyshop which is just off the 7th street exit in Bozeman. Another great meat and ok grocery store is on the east end of Bozeman's main street and it is called Heeb's Grocery. They have a very good meat counter and a full grocery. There is also a good liquor store on the east end of main called East Main Liquor.
    If you skip Bozeman all together you can also pick up good steaks at the Alberston's Grocery in Livingston and they have all your other grocery needs as well. The flyshop that I frequent the most in Livingston is probably The Yellowstone Angler. They have some good shop guys and carry great products. They are very convient to get to as well. Dan Baileys is probably a stop you will want to make as well since there is so much history in the store and they do have some good guys that work there as well. If you travel all the way up the valley to Emigrant there is a very nice fly shop run buy Matson Rodgers. They are extremely helpful and friendly. Good luck on your trip and enjoy your stay in the area.

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    Thanks alot Biggie for your help. I can not wait till September and having a great Honeymoon out in Montana.


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    Default Re: Bozeman/Livingston/Emigrant

    Pavel: Good luck on your trip, you definitely have a keeper, if your wife to be will let you fly fish on your honeymoon! She is a great woman.


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    Thank you, she is a great partner. It was her idea to go to Montana for the Honeymoon as well, knowing how important fly fishing is to me, how could I be any happier.

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