Just wanted to post a quick report on the S. Platte. THE BUGS ARE OUT!!! Finally, after another long winter chucking lead, the BWOs are hatching. Not in huge swarms, but enough to trigger risers in the slack water, especially at the edges and in eddies. The naturals are about a size 18 and dull gray, but they took my very olive imitation over an Adams. Only took two during the two hour hatch, but the wind was blowing at about 25 mph directly downstream. No pictures cuz they weren't very big - 12 inchers or so. Both bows. I didn't get any to rise on their own, but when I was patient and just watched the water for a slurp and cast to them, I found they were very accomodating. Just an FYI for anybody in the area that might be looking for some spring top feeders. It was nice to throw a loop again, even though I was kind of rusty and created a couple real interesting knots