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Thread: Slough Creek-Silver Tip Ranch

  1. Default Slough Creek-Silver Tip Ranch

    Hey Guys,

    I am planning a trip out to MT to fish in the park, would like to hit Slough Creek. The last time I was out there it fished well, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the Silver Tip ranch. I am having a hard time finding anything out about it, would really like to stay there if thats possible.

    Thanks for any help,


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    Hi John,
    Welcome to the best forum around.

    I just received my weekly newsletter from Blue Ribbon Flies located in West Yellowstone, in it they mention that the road from Madison Junction(1st junction coming in from West Yellowstone) to Norris Junction will be closed for the season starting on August 17th. I don't know if your planning on being there before or after that date, but figured I would throw that out there for you.

    If you have any questions about this or fishing in the area, 'BRF' is a fantastic resource for you. Blue Ribbon Flies

    Have a great trip.

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    Silver Tip is a very exclusive property. Some would say "elite" and "secretive." You can't stay there unless you're invited. Then of course you pay through the nose. Unless you know somebody who stays there, I'd say forget it.

    August will probably be the top month for the entire Lamar drainage. We actually have even more snow right now than we did on this date last year, though unless we have another week of winter in June like we did last year everything will be fishable a week or ten days earlier.

    You should still be able to reserve campsites if you can do that.

    The road West-Norris closes August 17. Even before that it is only open 8AM-10PM, making a trip from West to fish that water very difficult. I put up a rundown of the closures on my shop's website: 2009 YNP Road Work. The bottom line is that you want to stay north of the closure to fish the northern part of the park.

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    This question got me to sign-up. I had the great experience of staying at Silvertip for a week, 8 years ago. Owners maintain exclusive use July 4 - Labor day, but allowed my Dad and I to stay the week before the 4th. Outstanding experience...not "uppity", and cheaper than other "outfitters". Great people who are very friendly to the fishermen who make it that far up Slough. You'll see their supply wagons lumbering along the Slough Creek motor vehicle allowed across YNP.

    Waters were cold and a little high, so fishing was a little slow...but what an experience.

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    Good info. Glad you joined the forum.

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    Thank you for the information, do you have any contact information for Silver Tip Ranch?

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    I googled 'Silvertip Ranch Yellowstone' and found this # on one of the links. (307) 344-7967
    Also seen that you can contact Blue Ribbon Flies' in West Yellowstone. Blue Ribbon Flies

    Hope this helps.

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    The Silvertip Ranch located on the Yellowstone Park and Montana border just past the 3rd meadow of Slough Creek. The Ranch was built in 1923 by JP Morgan and later bought by a family from Virginia. It is located 14 miles from a trail head in Yellowstone and can only be reached by horse or walking. They have a main lodge with bedrooms and several cabins for the guests. In the summer they have a staff or 17 and 27 head of horses to take care of the guest of the family owners. Slough creek is known for big cutthroat trout but they do not fight that well because most of them have been caught numerous times each year due to the fishing pressure. When Slough Creek enters the Ranch property they fight quite differently because they have never seen a fly before. Ranch rules for catching these wild trout are strictly catch an release. I saw ATT repairing a telephone line to the ranch and the repairman was on a horse with spools of telephone line on two pack horses. The ranch also has two of the original 1923 & 1926 Yellowstone park tour buses that they have restored to take the guest on a ride around the ranch. The power the ranch with a giant generator and all the meals are prepared on wood stoves. Next to the ranch is a big grave yard with all they old machinery used to build the ranch as well wagons that were use to ferry the guests.

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