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    Stupid newbie question. I've fished alot out east but only a tiny amount out west. I'm going to Yellowstone mid july and want to hike and fish. My reading indicates that some places (? five mile hole), are not really wadeable and are fished from shore. So what do most people use for footware? Should I plan on hiking boots and carry my wading stuff, or use hiking boots and something like teva's for wet wading. thanks for any help. Frogge.

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    Some of the waters in the park will be fine to use Teva's for wet wading while others you will want to have a full boot to protect your feet and keep hold on the slippery rocks. You shouldn't need full waders, especially because of carrying them in, but boots with good soles will be very helpful in many streams in the back country. I would get a pair of neoprene socks for wet wading because they will dry quicker than cotton or wool socks and they are great for wet wading. If you have an itinerary of where you may be planning your hikes I can tell you wether you will be able to get away with teva's or whether you will want boots. Good luck on your trip, the fishing should be good with all the water we have stored in the mountains right now.

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