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    Quote Originally Posted by racine View Post
    As a followup, I thought I'd mention that this was a great trip with the only downside being that you can only camp on the river for 2 days max! I've never caught so many browns in my life. It was in the 70's when we hiked down at 0800 am but in the 90's when we hiked out at 3 pm. The hike was 1.5 hrs in and 2.4 hrs back. I would not recommend this to anyone out of shape or with heart disease as it's definitely a stress test. My fishing buddy hauled in some very nice 20+" browns while I broke off more than I'd care to admit. My taste for trout has returned as I tasted some brown trout our companions had for dinner. Expecting the worse, I had some very tasty trout that came very close to salmon in texture, color and flavor. We are doing this trip again but definitely bringing a much lighter tent. Thanks for all the help and suggestions fellas, they were much appreciated.
    Racine: Thanks for the trip report! Glad you had a great time and some great fishing from the sounds of it. Yes, I have heard that it is a very tough descent in and climb out, but then I guess that is why the fishing is so good!


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    Enjoyed hearing of your experience hiking down the Black. I made the descent down the Blue Creek as posted by BenJohnson. It is a tributary of the Black. Was unable to follow it all the way to the canyon-ran out of daylight. The fishing was fantastic with 90% of the catch being rainbows with an occasional Brookie thrown in. It is a narrow canyon with heavy brush on the banks. The creek is wide enough in most places that the heavy brush is no obstacle.


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    Thanks for the update. I've wanted to go down into the Black but always think of the price to pay for the ascent and go "Nah".
    That trip down Blue Creek sounds interesting. How was the fishing?

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    The blue creek sees very few fishermen because access is challenging. There is somewhat of a trail for a ways thanks to some dedicated rock climbers who have put many hrs. in creating a route to a climbing wall. During runoff stay out unless you use the ropes stetched across the creek.
    The water is chalky even when low which made nymphing mandatory. The rainbows were abundant ranging from 12 up to 15 in. The closer you get to the Gunnison the bigger the fish and the more challenging the hike. It would be difficult for the fish to move up from the Gunnison because there are 50 ft. water falls between some the deep pools. What a solitary beautiful experience.

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