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Thread: Trip suggestions for a newbie

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    Thinking about driving out to Montana for a couple days from the Minneapolis area, and debating bringing my 7 year old along for the trip. I am about as green as they come, just bought my first fly rod (cabela's 5 weight) and with 2 previous outings and one casting class, I am ready to be on my way!

    From what I have read it looks like South / Southwestern Montana is the way to go. I would prefer the Eastern area just from a driving perspective, but it sounds like the fishing isn't to good in that area.

    Are there many good spots that are accessible from the road? Any spots i could even fish from shore or a bridge with the little guy?

    Would appreciate any insight / advice

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    There is plenty of access for many of the rivers in the area, so you can walk plenty of the banks (just stay inside the high water mark and you will be safe in most cases). If your traveling that far to fish, I would recommend getting a guide for a day or two to show you the best tactics for the area.

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    I have to agree with fysh and recommend getting a guide. Most guides will not charge you anything for junior and catching fish will be a sure fire way to keep his attention.

    I'd look for a guide and hit the Bighorn. That should wet your palette.

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    I did what you did when I first started out went to yellowstone and tried every thing I have learned and boy did I get skunked most of theese fish in most of our waters has seen every fly knowen to man kind after I got home from not catching a single fish in any of the rivers I started out with stuff that is not so pressured started back packing into some lakes and learend allot about presentation of the fly there then I started hitting less knowen creek and rivers in my area then tried my stuff on one of the bigger rivers in eastern oregon (owyhee river) until I was able to catch trout on a regular basis now I live in montana and am able to keep up (least I tell my self that ...) so my two cents would be to do some hike in trips in one of the many lakes in our areas, hire a guide to help you out, or fish some home waters to build your skills up any how catching fish or not it is a beautiful area up here and some times in gets hard to keep your eye on your fly with all the beautiful mountains that surround our area!

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    agreed. with no more experience than you have, if i were going to montana from minnesota, i would hire a guide. tell him exactly what your experience level is and that you are there to learn and have fun with your keep it easy and interesting. in fact, i would talk to several, and find the one i felt had the best experience and philosophy about dealing with newbies and young kids.

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