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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    oldskewl, While Flats Pro came first, there is a growing family of DirectCore lines, most relevantly to you and me, DC Bonefish. The same great taper as the original but with the new coating and core technology. While there are a few other excellent bonefish lines notably from new Cortland in their Tropic Plus and Liquid Crystal series, DC Bonefish is in a class all its own.
    Ah thanks! Yeah thatís the one I want then, I prefer the regular bonefish taper but do like the the direct core feel of the flats pro.
    Now if I could just get a discount! Line prices kill me.

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    I bought a 7wt.Flats Pro as soon as they were released,and while it's a great line I preferred it's next stablemate the DC Bonefish....I found the Flats Pro heavier by comparison so I save it for those really windy days,and IMHO it's better served on ultra fast rods(e.g.Sage Igniter or Method) and certainly no need to upline.
    P.S.oldswewl,please note that both these lines feature the Direct Core technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    I'm going to save you a little money and suggest the Cortland All Purpose Tropic Plus line at $80. Same technology as their top-of-the-line salt tapers but a simpler older taper that I have use and it works great. I am going to spring for this same series in the new last year Bonefish version which you should check out too. These lines have monocores coated with PVC and handle and shoot really well.
    Just ordered this. I was interested because the floating and intermediate lines have the same taper and wt. Iíve been thinking about making the switch to identical taper and wt in float and Int for a while.

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    I just spooled up my 9wt with an SA Amplitude Bonefish smooth for Alphonse in 2 weeks time. I've been using the textured one on my 10wt and although not particularly a fan of the texture it's been a very nice line to cast with


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