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    I had the opportunity to cast a very interesting line today on the flats. A buddy of mine had a Finatic 7+ with a Scott Sector 8-weight loaded with Competition 2020 from Sunray. It’s a micro diameter Spey taper line that is classified as a “all around line” I was very impressed with it. It felt smooth as silk, shot like a rocket and rolled perfectly. It landed soft at very far distance, but casted equally well short or long. It seemed to float great! It of course felt a little limp compared to the usual salt specific lines intended for tropical environments but to me that’s not much of an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adealarcon View Post
    I have learned from s&s to ask the rod manufacturers or the shop if they know what line a particular rod was designed /tested . I do think this makes things murky as now a rod line may have variability in the line tested based on rod wt. Eg the 7 wt may be a true 7 wt and the 9 wt may be a 10 in disguise.

    S&s. Thanks again for all the great posts on salt lines. I have explored consequently line from all the manufactures.

    My question is when you are testing rods with lines with “dummy” reels so you go sequential through different lines during a session? Or do you get multiple of the same rod to test with said lines?

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    I have nothing like the resources to assemble multiple same rod rigs with differing lines. So I take the rod out in a park with a bag full of reels and cycle through them then back to the best feeling ones for a second sometimes third try. If I have two that both feel just right I'll take both fishing and then deiced.

    Regarding line weights for 30' vs. full head weight. And I do preferer longer head, long rear taper lines so there is lots of extra mass beyond 30'. When making shorter casts not overloading the upper taper is important to accuracy and responsiveness. When aerializing lots of line though with obviously much more mass out the tip-top, you are reaching well into the stouter mid and even lower areas of the rod's taper where extra power resides so you are using that extra mass advantageously to access that lower taper reserve. A properly designed bonefish rod is intended to delight in being called upon for more and more potency as you reach into its ample reserves.

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