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    Anyone have any last minute advice on fishing Grand Cayman Island leaving next Tuesday. I booked a day with Davin's guide, Ed Taylor. I have the DIY Bonefishing book packed. I am hoping to find the canals and mosquito ponds for some baby tarpon action. Still not sure where those ponds are. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Years ago I took a trip to Grand Caymans. At that time there was only one guide working there. Nobody knew where he was. All they could say was
    "Well go down to this boat, som day he show up, some day he doan. if he need money, he come don to da boat if he no need money, he doan."

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    I may have the same guy, except he does walk in trips now. He hasn't been really quick to respond to my emails... Oh well, I think I can find fish and its going to be warm.

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    Sorry, i put this post in the wrong area. I thought I would still share a report. Tough weather caused the guide to cancel our trip for two days. I hit some of the small flats on my own. Two mornings and never seen a bone, I'm sure partially because the clouds and wind. Had a few hours to kill on the last day and I found a few fish. First group of 3 I seen feeding close to shore and caught my biggest bonefish, maybe 5 lbs. Caught another out of a group of 15 or so. Luckily they didn't stick around very long so I made it back in time to get to the airport.

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