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    Default Re: Bonefishing is hard! A Cayman Islands Report

    Quote Originally Posted by jspfishing View Post
    They made him do it or he wasnít allowed in the boat lol. But what if your fingers crossed failed you? What do you do? Customers are always right and they paid to catch fish. That would be my fear as a guide
    And thatís a righteous fear. It sucks when you do your part as a guide and the angler canít make the cast but hey, thatís only about 75% of the time. The other 25% keeps you guiding.

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    Default Re: Bonefishing is hard! A Cayman Islands Report

    Quite a few guides like to know how well you can cast before fishing so they know what kind of situations they can reasonably expect to put you in, or how close they might need to pole to get you into position. I think that is fair enough but some are definitely more diplomatic about it than others and just want to ensure their client has a great a day as possible, but I have also heard a few stories of those who obviously just don't want to help those not up to their own standards which is a shame. I had a guide once who took to tapping me on the head with the pole (in jest) when my casting wasn't perhaps up to snuff and I had forgotten his advice LOL. It worked as a good reminder.
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    Default Re: Bonefishing is hard! A Cayman Islands Report

    Being a bonefish guide is got to be tough. I co-hosted a Bahamian out island trip once where a famous and wealthy doctor who had regaled me with his stories of years of fishing in Montanan made his first bonefish sortie. From his telephone conversations I assure him if he could do that there he will do just fine on the flats.

    I accompanied him with a top guide on the first day of the trip and...this expert could not cast virtually at all. He had never cast a saltwater size rod and had done zero pre-trip practice. It was a perfect day, clear and light wind and Elvis found lots of fish still it wasn't until after lunch this guy finally hooked a lay-up little bone next to the skiff. I sure as heck would not have this man do any surgery on me!

    And Editor, no matter how badly I flubbed a cast, if my guide taped me on the head with his push pole, we'd be heading fro the dock. A verbal criticism or suggestion I'm OK with though.

    When I am planning on fishing an unfamiliar destination, I seek recommendations on local guides, see what I can find out about them on-line and then call and "interview" them. I want to know about their preferences and about their boat. I am honest in informing them about mine and my wife's capabilities and what we hope to accomplish. Whose bring the lunch? After the first run to where we will begin to fish, I ask permission to make a practice cast or two. I do want to sort out my line and have the coils striped back in on top of one another but I also want him to see whatever strengths and limitations I may have. I ask enough questions and listen to him enough so we begin to learn a little about one another so as to be on the same page. The better he and I communicate the more fun we are going to have. I plan on meeting with the representatives of a Bahamian lodge we have never been to but are curious about this weekend at the new Edison Show.

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    Default Re: Bonefishing is hard! A Cayman Islands Report

    The title of this thread scares me. One of my buddies and I are off to North Andros in about 2 weeks for our first flats fishing experience. Neither of us has ever even laid eyes on a bonefish (or tried to, for that matter). But, we rented a house on the beach that also has we are hopeful. Surely we will find some fish over the course of a week in Andros, right? We have a guide booked for one day to take us to Joulters Cay, so unless the weather is garbage, that "should" be a good day, and maybe the guide can give us some pointers for the other days when we are on our own. We have already done lots of reading and research, but I know from my days fishing steelhead that time on the water cannot be replaced by books. Wish us luck. I will post a report when we get back...hopefully with lots of pictures.

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    Default Re: Bonefishing is hard! A Cayman Islands Report

    I know the weather is not very nice in Ohio right now, but find a place where you both can get out and practice with your 8-weights. Make sure you can turn over your lines and leaders good and straight at all distances. Be sure to have the best cooper or amber polarized glasses you can find. Have stout wading shoes, ample sunscreen and lip balm, some DEET too for the no-see-ums and dr.flies. Book the guide early in your stay to learn as much as possible and if you can afford it and like him, book him again. Have fun.

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