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Thread: Redfish Advice?

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    Default Redfish Advice?

    My experience with redfish is limited to a short stint in South Carolina but I liked it. I want to learn more and visit prime habitat this March. Bayous and Cajun cuisine sound appealing to me and I've never been to New Orleans.

    So, options; stay in a hotel and hire an independent guide, a Lodge owned by an outfitter? Do we (my wife and I) stay in New Orleans and travel to fish or is there a small town near the fishing where we could have a good time?

    I don't wish to spend exorbitantly but want to do it right with a guide of broad knowledge and a good boat. What do you, my fellow Forum mates, advise?

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    I don't have personal experience with him, but I've heard Gregg Arnold is really good.

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    He is on my list to contact. How familiar are you with your FL Mosquito Lagoon area?

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    I've fished LA many times. I recommend getting a local guide, there's a few I've fished with out there that I can recommend you if you send me a PM.

    You most likely will launch out of Hopedale, so you can stay in Chalmette, which is a bit closer but not an issue if you want to stay downtown in New Orleans also. Not much going on in Chalmette though.
    The addiction all began on the Cimmaron River in New Mexico...

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    Here is a thread with some suggestions:

    Louisiana Redfish Guide?

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    He is on my list to contact. How familiar are you with your FL Mosquito Lagoon area?
    If I'm flats fishing, then ML is generally where I'm at. Just since it's close. I am certainly NOT an authority on it though. I'm just learning it really. But if you decide to come down this way, I'd be happy to push you around in my boat if we can make it happen. Do this: Get a guide for a few days here. Then you and me fish together, and I'll push you around in my boat while you tell me everything you learned from the guide!

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    S&S, I spent three days in the Big Easy in October. Actually, I stayed in Slidell. I fished with Doug Henderson of Saled Flats. We went out of Hopedale one day and Pearlington the next. I liked Doug and he put me on fish, but never sent me a photo he took of a nice bull I caught that he said he’d send. I even texted him a month later with no response. Not that the photo is really that important, but customer service should be. That said, I’d fish with him again. If I were goi g again, and especially if I wanted some evening culture, I’d stay downtown. It’s not that much trouble to travel to the preferred ramp for the guide. Good luck and enjoy.

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    Galveston Fly Fishing Guide - Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide | Casting Tales

    This is the guide service I used.

    Jeremy Chavez is great. He splits his time between Galveston and Louisiana.

    Sadly, in three days of fishing I didn't catch a single fish.

    Definitely have some serious casting skills. I didn't and it cost me dearly.

    But if you want to hear about how I single-handedly scattered a school 50 plus redfish while shanking casts in every direction but the one I indended I'll be glad to tell you all about it.

    On second thought, I can't talk about it. It's too painful.

    Jeremy is great guide though and I would highly recommend him.
    -Rick Allen

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    What's your pleasure? LA "Giants" or Mosquito Lagoon "Regulars"? I would also agree regarding Greg Arnold; however, my knowledge is 4 years stale. My recollection is Gregg leaves LA marshes for FLA Panhandle Tarpon fishing. The marsh fishing tends to be late fall to early spring for the larger fish with weather vagaries. I am unfamiliar with size and seasonality of Redfishing west of LA particularly Texas coast. My east coast redfishing with a fly rod is limited to Biscayne Bay "stocked" Redfish years past. "This project(2002) was a collaborative effort involving the Mote Marine Laboratory (MML), Center for Fisheries Enhancement in Sarasota, FL and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Florida Marine Research Institute in St. Petersburg, FL" However, I only caught one, a giant, in about 10 fishing days. As between LA Marshes and Mosquito Lagoon Florida... the opportunity for a big fish would select LA. But for opportunities for big Bonefish, Permit and Redfish and 40-90 Tarpon...I'd select early late spring early summer Biscayne's hard flyfishing because site fishing is deeper, darker water...or tailing but usually just a brief moment of the tail then gone...big fish are there but most of the published success shots are with live bait...whilst there is plenty of sights and sounds in N.O. but there is higher quality on South Beach and Cuban jazz is more creative today than Orleans IMO. I guess first pick the time then pick the seasonality of the fish. BiscayneRed.jpgBicayne2.jpg

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    Default Re: Redfish Advice?

    My friend who has been guiding down there for 5 years says this has been the worst season by far. There have been very few days with weather conducive to sight fishing, and on those days there have been very few fish. I have been doing well in a Mississippi estuary but I have been using baitcasting gear in flood waters that look like coffee with creamer added.

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