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  1. Default Where do you fish?

    I think it would be cool for everyone to talk about there home salt fisheries or where they go most often and talk about the flies they use.

    I fish the St. Marys and St. Johns river

    I mainly use white,white/chartreuse,or chartreuse clousers.
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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    I fish in eastern Conn, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod.

    I try to 'match the hatch' so I use a number of different flies.
    Almost never is one of those a Clouser deep minnow
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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    I still have yet to fly fish the California coast although I heard that it is going strong now.

    For saltwater, I am a destination angler. On the Baja side of Mexico, I fish Loreto (it's looking like a great sailfish season already). On the Yucatan side, I fish the northern fisheries for Tarpon, Bonefish, and Snook. I plan on doing a 2011 trip to Christmas Island for Bonefish and Trevally.


    Edit: I forgot to mentioned flies. For Loreto, I use baitfish flies that are variations of a Lefty's Deceiver. The Clouser Minnow comes with me, too. I have large 8/0 flies for billfish. For the Yucatan, my Tarpon and Snook flies are mostly splayed feather flies. For Bonefish, I have Crazy Charlies and some variants.

  4. Default Re: Where do you fish?

    Naples, Florida area beaches, canals, estuaries for Snook Tarpon, Redfish. Right now we're targeting Snook on the beaches with DTs, small Eps and hometied glass minnows.

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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    My home waters are Lewes De this is where the Delaware bay meets the Atlantc ocean. The Chesapeake Bay is an hour away and also is fantastic fishing. Most of my warm water fishing is in tidal rivers and tributaries of both bays. There are lots of fishing options in the area.
    I don't always fly fish but when I do I prefer salt water. Stay salty my freinds

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    My saltwater fishing is south Louisiana marsh for reds and speckled trout, with clousers (either chartreuse/white or olive/white) and spoon flies (red & gold) and poppers. Also fish lower Alabama in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area. Just got back from there and fished 7 days both in the surf and on the bay side. Netted two 7 lb speckled trout, a 6 lb spanish mackerel, and too many smaller specks and white trout and blues and ladyfish to count. My hands ached for a week when I got back. My arthritis just can't take that much fun. It was the best week of flyfishing in Alabama that I have ever had, and I have been down there every 4th of july week for the past 22 years.

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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    I fish basically the same area as jimw fishes,Lewes De as well as Indian River Inlet.Most of my FW fishing is local ponds for bass and pickerel from my canoe.As jimw stated there are lots of options here but I do miss my river smallmouth fishing back in MD.

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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    Hey Skip
    I thought you might like to know that the speckled trout are biting pretty good in the crisfield/janes island area. i heading over for the weekend. I will let you know how i did when i return.
    I don't always fly fish but when I do I prefer salt water. Stay salty my freinds

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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    99% saltwater, I fish Cape Cod, Boston Harbor & the Mass Southshore but I can be found anywhere north or south of the Boston Harbor --> look for the loaded up dry-backpack w/ rod pack on top as I hike the atlantic shores of the north east (usually at dead low and rising) looking for that super spot of the day .

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    Default Re: Where do you fish?

    I'm on Long Island in NY so mostly fish from shore for stripers around here using stuff like deceivers, flat wings and simple stuff like Ray's Flies to imitate the baitfish around here: menhaden, sand eels and silversides, mostly, and some stuff like Snake Flies to imitate mullet and small stuff for False Albacore that imitates the bay anchovies we get in the fall.

    I manage to get away once in awhile to fish the Keys for tarpon, bonefish and other stuff and Baja (also around Loreto) for mahi, yellowtails etc.


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