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Thread: Light Saltwater setup

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    It will vary of course according to casting ability, wind, and the wind resistance of the fly- but a rough ball park would be size up to a 2 or so pretty comfortably for most folks with intermediate skills--- but don't hesitate to throw a 1/0 or even 2/0 if you think that's what the fish want -- you may want to go to a shorter and heavier leader with larger flies. And with a little practice you should be able to throw bigger stuff like 1/0 deceivers etc.

    But again it's not just the size of the hook-- a fly like a 2/0 sparsely dressed Ray's Fly made with bucktail might be easier to throw than a size 2 fly tied with dense synthetic stuff like EP fibers or a wind resistant size 2 popper etc.

    A good thing to practice that replicates a lot of fishing situations is to pick 2 targets about as big as a hula hoop:

    As if you were standing on the bow of the boat, where 12:00 is straight ahead off the bow, and 6:00 is off the back of the boat, pick a target at 11:00 o'clock about 50' away.

    Pick a 2nd target at 9:00 (or 90 degrees to the left) about 70 feet away.

    Practice casting to the first target, picking up and then casting to the 2nd

    This is a good simulation of a single fish or a school of fish crossing in front of you, having your fly unnoticed or getting ignored on the first cast, and then taking a second shot at the same fish or another member of the school as they keep moving through on the 2nd cast.

    Practice the same casts on the other side of "the boat" at 50' at 1:00 and 70' at 3:00

    If these distances are outside your comfort zone for now, use 30' and 50' until you can hit the targets consistently then start moving them out further. But even if you can only manage 30 and 50 feet at first, you'll probably still have some good shots at fish.

    Hope this helps...

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    Default Re: Light Saltwater setup


    I don't know if you live in the area where those fish are or not, but for that kind of fishing I use a 7 wt . Though I have multiple 8 wts, my go to rod for flats fishing is a 7 wt. If the wind is blowing llike crazy, I don't go flats fishing.

    The three rods I use the most are all Sages - 7 wt TCX, a 9wt RPLX and a 12 wt RPLX. I also have a sweet Sage 8wt TCR as well, but I rarely use it anymore preferring the lilghter 7 wt instead.

    The RPLX's must be 20 years old by now, and many people did not like them saying they cast like broom sticks and are too stiff. But I like them in the bigger sizes for big, heavy flies. They come up on ebay once in a while, but often go for pretty big bucks.

    If you live in the area where the fish are, and can fish on good days or in protected areas, I would probably go with a seven if you cast well. If you can't pick your days or don't cast that well but have a good arm, then I'd go with a nine. To me, there is a bigger difference between an 8 and a 9 than between a 7 and an 8.

    A nine will handle some pretty big flies and fish too. Try to cast some different rods to see what you think.

    Good luck.


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