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Thread: New to the site

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    glad to see you are aboard and will be looking for updates on your surf perch adventures. John Shewey wrote a comprehensive book on fishing the Pacific surf called, Fishing Pacific Northwest Waters, Trout and Beyond and it's a good one, covering most of the fish found in the surf from your area to the Canadian border and beyond. I've found, in general, that one needs to find the combination of daylight, tides, and waves to be successful in the oceans. Other than that, find out what your quarry eats, and how that quarry behaves. It's a tall order but someone has to do it and you're the man! What a great way to spend a few hours, a day or a lifetime for that matter! Good luck with your endeavor and challenges!  8088
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    Hello Chuck S. The main thing here is not even what to throw, perch are not really very picky but when to. To find the ideal conditions for fly tossing is even harder than regular gear so I'm a bit frustrated but not going to give up fly fishing.
    I want to fish for warm water species too and I've located a couple of waters near me, I'll report as soon as I get a chance to get out.

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