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    Hey all,

    We're headed down to florida for a week and a half march 20th-30th. We're looking for any good guides that anyone can recommend. Did some googling and found 1 that looked reliable, (Flynutt Charters) but he is unavailable at that time, he gave us a recommendation for another guy, but the other one is still unavailable.

    This is coming up pretty quick and i need some quick answers!


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    Fort Myers, Orlando, Bonita Springs, Everglades. That area.

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    Hello bhflyfisher, I know somebody who can provide the info you need. I already sent him an email and will update as soon as he answers.

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    I know a guy who's real good in the Glades and does a lot out of Flamingo. That is a good time for tarpon in the Glades, slightly on the early side for the Keys. He also ties flies for a lot of top fly shops in South Florida, so will have plenty of the right ones with him.

    Where do you plan on staying when you fish the Glades? The Glades, loosely used as it is, stretches from Port Charlotte to Key Largo.


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    I don't know where you're going, but google Sandy Moret and see if he's where you need to go and if he's available. He's among the very best.

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    staying in the grand parents place in bonita springs. The glades is basically the extent of the journey we would like to do. Just that area is what we're looking at.

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    Its looking like based out of fort myers area now. Looks like an afternoon/evening of snook fishing on the 21st is already planned. Just looking for redfish flats fishing!

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    Sorry, I haven't heard back from him.

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