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    Default Bali, Indonesia.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been fly fishing in Bali, Indonesia. I am headed there next month. Jigging and dynamite seem to be the other means of acquiring fishes.


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    Default Re: Bali, Indonesia.

    Lefty Kreh's presentation at our club banquet this winter was about his favorite places to fish around the world.
    As I remember, he thought Indonesia was the best.
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    Roy, did you have any luck with flyfishing in Bali? I'm heading there in may 2012, and am having a lot of truble finding any sort of info.

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    Default Re: Bali, Indonesia.

    My cousin spent two weeks in Bali on business. He had some Off time that he planed to fish. Unfortunately he did not bring his own equipment and had a hard time finding a guide. He ended up fishing with a local on an outrigger canoe with handlines! They caught a bunch of fish including some decent tuna. His hands were soar and he had fun but said he would have given anything to have his gear as the fish were everywhere and would have hit flys all day long.
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    If you wanna flyfish in Bali, especially saltwater, that all depends on the weather & season (unfortunately now is not the best season).

    Your best bet might be hitting the mahi-mahi/dorado/dolphin fish (or locally called 'lemadang')

    As far as I know there's only one local fly fisher in Bali (I know him well personally) but if you're open for option and willing to spend the bucks go with Adhek Amarta for popping, he's one of the best popping angler/guides in the world (he also produces high end popper lures that catered for the high end Japanese market).

    He's the most sought after guide for popping especially for professional Japanese anglers and has been featured in many fishing videos.

    Hope that helps a bit, cheers from Indo

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    Default Re: Bali, Indonesia.

    I worked as an instructor with Lee and Joan Wulff for 3 years in the 80's. I am retiring to Indonesia next year, to Bali. My wife is Chinese Indonesian. I would like to develop the fishing from shore, wading, surf fishing, fly fishing the eddies and pools around rocks. All the information I find about fishing in Bali is from boats and it is expensive. Any ideas for me? Thanks, Ricker

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    Hi RickerW
    Would be great to catch up when you arrive in Bali.
    I've wanted to fly fish here but haven't yet figured out the flats ))
    Feel free to call or email anytime.

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    Hi Ricker, Bali practically has no flats, there's definitely bonefish there but they all come from deep water netted by the local fishermen.

    Freshwater fly fishing is almost non existent in Bali due to many factors, mainly over fishing, pollution, alien species invasion (tilaipia etc) the only thing that somewhat promising is the 'snakeheads' around abandoned ex mining holes. However if you go to the highland, the river might still hold some fish, but don't your hope too high.

    There used to be decent fishing near the airport in Bali (around the mangroves) for pacific tarpon and some barramundi but again pollution and over fishing already take the toll.

    Saltwater fly fishing in Bali has some potential provided you go to the right place, at the right time/season with the right guide. Trust me on this, because when you have everything all sorted out perfectly it can be heaven. Tuna, Mahi-mahi, GT you name it, a big gun (8wt minimum is almost mandatory).

    I'm not a pro guide trying to sell anything, but I've fly fished around Indonesia, so this comes from my personal experience. Now, if you don't wanna limit yourself to Bali, there are other options.

    Go for Hampala Barb, giant snake head, mad barb in Borneo. Bonefish paradise in Raja Ampat, mini Maldives in Karimun Jawa, Pacific Tarpon in Batam, options are almost limitless, as fly fishing is a new sport here and new fly fishings spots are being discovered here and there

    My email is if you got more questions and btw my wife is also chinese Indonesia

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    Default Re: Bali, Indonesia.

    I took a look at all the suggestions and looked up the fish I don't know- plenty of them. Just seems like a fishing paradise in Indonesia waiting to be explored, new techniques tried and so forth. Thank you for the help. We will settle in Denpasar, near Sanur, in July. Happy New Year. Ricker

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