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  1. Default First fishing of the year...

    Too cold in MA in March, so St. Martin. Used an Orvis 8wt Hydros and Battenkill IV LA with clear intermediate sinking line. The little Yellow Tail (one among several) was hooked on a #4 Adams' Big Ugly. The Bar Jack on a #2 Olive/white Clouser (Also hooked some Yellow Tail on the Clouser).

    Unexpectedly hooked a Barracuda, but he got away. Felt like I hooked a pick-up truck. He quickly went through my 12lb leader.

    Great when you can wear minimalist fishing attire. No, I do not fish on the nudist beach!

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    Default Re: First fishing of the year...

    SXM: Nice trip report and photos, I'm jealous! Sure looks like a nice way to take a break from the cold weather, congrats on the nice looking fish.


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    Default Re: First fishing of the year...

    SXM, now that's my kind of fishing. A pair of shorts or a bathing suit, and a little sun grease on the tops of my feet early in the year.


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