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  1. Default Help me fish S.E. of Houston, TX

    I Helped my son move to Houston this past weekend where he is going to be working for Exxon-Mobil. I need a good excuse to go back down there and see him. I would like to take advantage of some of the salt water fly fishing opportunity just southeast of town..

    What kind of fishing trip should I try. Do I need a guide to learn maybe some flat fishing or should I hit the surf? This would be new to me but want to have a new adventure..I have a 8 wt B2x and one of them 14 fit spey rods..

    Give me your ideas.

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    Default Laguna Madre

    You are very close to the Laguna Madre and some very good Redfish fishing. I guide can put you on fish and should have the knowledge of the area. Of course, there is the expensive of hiring him but if you are limited in time that may be the way to go until you know the area better. Here is a link that may help;

    I have fished the Laguna and really enjoyed it a lot. It can be addicting.

    Fish hard.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    Default Re: Help me fish S.E. of Houston, TX

    There is some good wadefishing in that area but lots of it is either too deep or too muddy to wade very well. Not sure about the surf fishing in that area, but I do know you will want a sinking line to fish it. I would recommend getting a sit-on-top kayak to use where its too deep or too mucky to wade. I would expect to use the 8wt rod mostly.

    Hiring a guide specifically to take you out in a kayak and show you lots of spots could be the best use of your money, as you would benefit from it every time you go out after that.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  4. Default Re: Help me fish S.E. of Houston, TX

    Hey Mike,

    If I understand correctly, you are talking about the area of the Texas coast that runs from Port Arthur to Freeport. This are includes Galveston and the Bay system as well peninsula on the east side of the bay that runs to High Island. Unfortunately, Texas Hwy 87 from High Island to Port Arthur was cut years ago by a hurricane and has never been restored. I regret to say that the Texas record for redfish lies in the surf off of that abandoned highway.

    Depending on wind and water clarity, it has the potential of being a very rewarding fishing adventure. A word of caution: when the surf’s up, forget it! The only thing you are likely to catch are hardheads and that slimmer of slimmer’s, the Gafftopsail catfish; however, this messy water is also the best time to try for a trophy red in the surf, especially during late August and early September… Jetty walking works well for most everything working in shore.

    Tell you what, send me you email address and I will send you an excerpt from my book, Fly Fishing Texas. I would appreciate your effort to protect my copyright.


  5. Default Re: Help me fish S.E. of Houston, TX

    It has been many years but I spent many beautiful sunrises wade fishing off the dike in Texas City. Not sure what it is like now, maybe someone in the area has better thoughts. If your time is limited it is a little bit closer in compared to traveling to the Gulf. Other areas already mentioned would also be great.

  6. Default Re: Help me fish S.E. of Houston, TX

    Thanks to you all for your advice on this thread..You got me pumped up. I'm go'n down there soon.

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