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Thread: Destin Florida

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    Hello all! I am planning a trip to Destin Florida, leaving Wednesday to see my dad. We are going fishing and are planning on trying out or fly rods in the Gulf and the Intercostal. I am taking a 6 and 7 wt rod. Do you think these rods, especially the 7wt are tough enough to hook into sea trout? Also what flies do you all reccomend? Thanks for all replies.

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    They've got a shop and guides, if you're interested. Will have flies and info you need if going out on your own.

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    I actually tried fishing from the beach in Destin when I was 22 and on spring break. Caught nothing and was pretty dang cold, but I actually relished being the weirdo out there fishing amongst the lazy masses. Your 7 wt should be enough to handle most all the trout you could get into, but it may be tough to cast it in the wind. I recommend getting a sinking line of some sort (intermediate or faster) that will get down to where the fish are, break through the surface chop, and also cut through the wind. You'll probably be best off fishing chartreuse and white Cousers, Decievers, and maybe some surf candies or jiggies as well. Take some flies with yellow as well, sometimes trout seem to key in on yellow.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I forget the name of the waterway behind the barrier island known as Destin-Fort Walton Beach, but my uncle lived on the water's edge in Shalamier (sp?), Florida, just north of the white beaches everyone likes so much. We fished with about everything, but as I remember it all I had was glass 6wt. I think it was an 8.5 footer and I had an automatic reel. We used everything from bass bugs (poppers mainly) to an imitation shiner (minnow). We caught just about everything there was to catch. Even caught a mullet once and supposedly they did not get caught on hooks. Take what you've got and try it. We did and we caught fish.

    There were several fishing stores in the area back then and most thought we were crazy using a fly rod, but they all seemed to know someone who did. Ask around. I'm sure someone there will tell you where to go (and some will help you find the right place to go). Most everyone I ever met down there was helpful.

    Good luck and good fishing.

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    I tried fly fishing in Pensacola Florida and it was very difficult. There were sand flys all over the beach that bites and the waves were large. BUt it was still fun

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