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Thread: buying a combo

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    My grandpa lives down in Florida and we visit him once every blue moon. The problem is is that he may be moving (not official) and I was wondering if I should invest in a fly rod combo (70 dollars) just for those saltwater times. I might be interested in it more if I get down there more and I was wondering if it was worth the investment.

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    I'm not sure what $70 will get you. If you are buying a light saltwater rig (like a 7 or 8 weight), it can be used for freshwater use with a simple change of the line. A 7 or 8 weight rig will work great for Black Bass or Striped Bass.


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    I don't know of any reels under $70 I'd trust for saltwater use. I use a Rio Saltwater line in freshwater frequently and it does just fine. If you put a combo together, just make sure to not get one intended for "tropical conditions" or something like that.

    I guess you could make this work, but don't dare leave that plastic reel in a hot vehicle- Scientific Anglers Ready-to-Fish Pre-Rigged Rod and Reel Combo, 8-Weight 2-Piece: Fishing & Boating (Also better straighten that line frequently and keep it clean for it to float)

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    Lee Wulff caught the first fly rod marlin on a click/pawl Farlow's reel and a $10 glass bass rod.... just to prove it could be done!

    I know I've said this a number of times on these pages, but I used a Pflueger Medalist for many years in the salt before I broke down and got my first anodized disk drag reel. I cleaned and oiled my Medalists religiously after every SW trip and the only time that I had one fail was when I had slacked on the upkeep.
    I will still use a Medalist on occasion and I know a few casual SW fly fishers that use them also.

    I have a $25 no name IM6 8wt that I use regularly too.

    It's just fishin'. Use whatever tackle you want and if by some chance you latch onto a fish too big for the gear to handle..... well then you'll have a great story to tell
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    I'd at least go with this combo:

    Saltwater Fly Fishing Kit - Kits

    4 pc rod is easier to transport, and the reel is a little better than the Wal-mart combo. Just make sure you rinse it REALLY well EVERY time you come off the water. Same goes for a Martin or Pflueger reel if you go that way - rinse it in fresh water. Don't even let it sit for a couple of hours while you have lunch and a nap.


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