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STARMedic 06-22-2006 01:24 PM

Redfish and Speckled Trout....
What set up do you guys prefer for fishing specks and reds from the beach and bay? Do you have one go to set up for both or something separate?



Fish Bones 06-22-2006 01:55 PM

Well... I like an 8wt - 9ft - Fast Action Rod with a Large Arbor corrosion resistant fly reel for my saltwater fishing. I can also use this set-up for big freshwater bass, salmon and steelhead.

Now I only fish the flats and bays. This is not a big enough rig for blue water fly fishing.

There are a lot of very good saltwater set-ups available depending on how much one wants to spend. Orvis, Sage, Winston, Scott, G.Loomis all make super high quality fly rods. I use a G.Loomis GLX Cross Current with a Galvan Torque fly reel and a Cortland Redfish fly line. This is certainly top of the line equipment and is a joy to cast. Extremely durable and should last a lifetime.

Now... you can get out much cheeper with another ECHO fly rod and Cortland Endurance fly reel. This is also very good equipment yet at a more moderate price.

Gordon Bryson 06-27-2006 07:26 PM

Re: Redfish and Speckled Trout....
I think Steve has the right weight for reds and specs. I have a nine weight that I use, but I've since started using a 5/6 weight on the lighted piers on the Texas coast. Most of the fish taken there are specs in the 12 - 16 inch, but I'm always hoping to get some larger. The schooling specs are a lot of fun when the tides are running right. Caught 28 one night last fall, best so far. I've not got a red on the fly yet, but still hoping. Now if a good red comes along and hits on that 5/6 weight, I'm probably in deep stuff.

Most people I know recommend at least an 8 wt, and I can tell you that throwing that 9 wt very long begins to smart a little.

Fish Bones 06-28-2006 12:15 AM

Re: Redfish and Speckled Trout....
Good point Gordo... Now, I would rather catch reds and specs on a 6wt. The trouble is, the wind is usually blowing too hard to cast it. So, I need the power of an 8wt.

Its always a good idea to take a 6 and an 8wt with you. If the wind is not too strong and you can get the distance you need, use the 6. If it breaks... so what... I know where you can get more.

BigCliff 06-28-2006 08:45 AM

Re: Redfish and Speckled Trout....

If it breaks... so what... I know where you can get more.
Or you can just buy a Beulah that comes with a spare tip! (Still need to find where my dang 6wt spool is packed away so I can cast the thing)

A 6wt and an 8wt are definitely the standards for the Texas Coast, and you can expect to need the 8wt 80-90% of the time to beat the wind. I agree with Steve. A 9', faster action 8wt rod with a good reel and a good line are about all you need. Pair that up with a 7.5-9' 10-16 lb leader and some clousers and you're set!

Lots of lies besides clousers work on the coast, but you can cover lots of bases with them. Shallow, clear water and skittish fish: size 6 tan clouser with bead chain eyes. Need to get a fly down deeper and catch their attention: size 2 chartreuse lead eye clouser. A size 4 chartreuse clouser with oversized beadchain eyes is my standard go to fly on the coast. Let me know if you are tying your own and I can give you some suggestions for customized clousers that have worked very well for me down there.

Oh yeah, shuffle your feet!

STARMedic 06-28-2006 11:27 AM

Re: Redfish and Speckled Trout....
Cliff and others, thanks for all the replies and information. Im not tying my own at this point in the game, as Im pretty much just now gettin dressed up to learn how to handle and cast my first rig...

Take care fellas.


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