So my girlfriend has a psych conference in Acapulco next week (getting her phd in neuro psych, dads a huge steelhead and bonefish guy, hell of a score!) and I am heading down there with her for the week. I went to Acapulco a few years ago fort spring break and brought a nine weight sage/hatch/sink tip combo with some clousers. I was too hungover most of the trip to fish but I did do some surf casting and caught some weird small fish and hooked two fish that ripped me to my backing and popped off.

This time I will be focusing more on just enjoying my time there and getting out of freezing cold Montana for a while. Im wondering if anyone has done any fishing down there and if they could point me in any direction or people to contact. I have a ton of rod at my disposal in all weights and reels and lines to go with them. I have a background in trout fishing (obviously hence my location), and tarpon/permit fishing in the keys, as well as red fishing in NO,LA.

Any techniques, ideas, places, people or rod i should specifically bring?

I am thinking my new temple fork 7/8 TriCrx with the spey/switch handle would be killer for surf casting down there but I still cant figure out what line to get for the damn thing.

Thanks guys!