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  1. Default Purchasing saltwater flies

    I am a newbie to saltwater flyfishing (other than for redfish here in Louisiana) and just signed up for a 9 day trip in Belize. I leave in a month. I need to buy some bonefish flies. Looking back through the posts from the last few years I have a short list of flies to buy. But I would really appreciate a recommendation on where to buy them.



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    Default Re: Purchasing saltwater flies

    The forum's sponsor,, has a Bonefish/Permit fly selection.

    You should have a collection of:
    Crazy Charlies
    Merkin Crabs
    Clouser Deep Minnows


    Edit: The fly selection in the kit provided by is a mix of Charlies, Gotchas, the variations of the flies, and crabs put together by Rainey's Flies. Rainey's Flies are quality ties.
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    I, unfortunately, am still buying my flies as well, since I don't have the time to tie my own, and most of my materials have been eaten by bugs over the last 20 years.

    I would call the store suggested by Mosca with your list and a question as to what else they would suggest for down there.

    I would also call Sandy Moret's store with the same information. His flies will be much more expensive, I am sure. I am also sure that you will get very good flies, as that is where I buy mine.

    I would suggest that you find out the water depth and bottom you will be fishing over primarily. Sandy carries the same flies with both bead and lead eyes, and in a variety of shades of color - depending on the bottom you are fishing.

    I have never fished there, so can offer no advice on what to get other than it is nice to have the same pattern in two shades, two sizes, and two sink rates if you don't know what to expect. But it could well be that the fish there are not nearly so picky as the ones here.

    Good luck,


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    Just back from my second trip to Belize, Crazy Charlies and Gotcha's are the go to flies for the bones, Pink and Tan, also some Bonefish Bitters. If you are trying for some Permit take some crab patterns. I have had really good luck buying flies on Ebay, I don't fish the salt very often and the flies I have gotten off the bay suit me just fine and I have caught plenty of fish with them. Just search Saltwater flies in Ebay, Saltwater Flyman had some good choices. Hope it helps. P.S the Bones aren't as big as in the Keys or Bahamas so get smaller flies!!!

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