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    Hi i'am only new to the fly part. i have been fishing the jersey shore for ten years now and cant stop. i surf fish and boat fish but for the past 2 years have been kayak fishing. a good amount of my fishing is in tournaments on the kayak and this season i would like to start using a fly rod and will be looking for all the help i can get.

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    also i will be trolling and would like some help with the right line for this
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    Welcome to the site Mr kickin
    While I most often prefer to fish with my feet firmly planted in the sand, I do a bit of saltwater kayak fishing myself.

    The only time I troll is when traveling from one area to another or when I'm prospecting in open water.
    If I bother to change lines, I'll put on a type 3 full sinking line. I'm not big on changing lines in the kayak, however. I lost my rod tip over the side once so leaving my floating line on most of the time works for me
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