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Thread: Happy to Help

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    mcutchin Guest

    Default Happy to Help

    Happy to help anyone with questions related to saltwater fly fishing. I'm an Key West guide who's fished many parts of the world for different species.

    Great new board!

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    Thanks for the offer Marshall!!!

    btw folks... Marshall Cutchin is not only an expert guide for fly fishing Florida saltwater but he is also the administrator of the Weekly MidCurrent Fly Fishing Newsletter at

    He is certainly qualifies to answer all of you saltwater questions

    Steve :lol:

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    How is the Peacock Bass fishing in Florida?


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    mcutchin Guest


    Well, it's quite good from everything I've heard. I can't steer you in an exact direction, but if you Google 'Peacock Bass South Florida' you'll come up with some leads.

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