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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Quote Originally Posted by macabi View Post
    nice trip !! , that is my future destination.
    I just got back a couple of weeks ago ,,but went further north "punta allen" mexico
    first thing I thought when I hooked the first bonefish was "now I know why they make antireverse reels" I was very close to hitting my nuckles and happy I didnt.

    Luis ,
    Laredo Texas

    here is a little video


    Hi Luis,

    We were fishing out of the Boca Pailla two years ago. We used an outfit called Pesca Maya; they're about 10 miles North of Punta Allen; down that dusty road in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere! They fish the same flats; about 20 miles across Ascension Bay to both the inner and outer flats.

    Yup, when the reel starts whirring; that's a good time to get your hand well clear of the reel handle. You need to start with a good amount of drag already on the reel, because those fish pull with a strength that you'd expect from a fish that's 5 times their size. If you've stripped in line before the strike, then use finger tension to try to get the stripped line out with some reasonable tension on it before you hit the line that's subject to the reel drag. Ideally, you want to match the finger-applied drag on the stripped line to that of the line on the reel. That will help a lot in avoiding break-offs; particularly if you're using 8 lb. tippet or lighter, which is what we're usually fishing.

    And, if you're fishing a coral flats, then hold the rod way up overhead as soon as you feel the strike (like the classic Orvis picture), because you want to maximize the angle between you and fish so that they won't break you off by zigging behind a piece of coral or two; which they love to do!

    The fish are bigger in that Boca Pailla area, but they're nowhere near a plentiful as in Belize waters. Same goes for Permit and, probably, Tarpon; although I don't know about the latter for sure.

    You'll enjoy Turneffe atoll; a lot of fish and a lot of fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjc View Post
    Sounds like a great trip, Pocono. Did you get a chance to try out your new 11 wt xi3?


    No, we were about a month ahead of Tarpon season.

    I wish I'd known that ahead of time, because I would have left the Xi-3 11 wt,. the Lamson Litespeed 4.0 reel with the slime line. 80 lb. shock tippet leaders Tarpon flies, etc. at home.

    The guy who scored the Grand Slam on the last day, had to fish a jeuvenile Tarpon out of a salt pond (while dodging the alligators); not exactly what I picture of when I think of Tarpon fishing; but hey, he got one!

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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Hi Allan,
    I was hoping for a report on your trip. Sounds and looks like you and Marty
    had a great time. My wife and I need to expand our horizons........

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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Great report and pics Allen...Looks like a great destination...


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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Allan great report-- I've always been curious about Turneffe, looks like you and Marty had a blast.

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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Hi Allan,

    Nice seeing you in action for bonefish!
    If you consider soaking your fly rod in salty water in Japan, please let me know

    Japanese seabass, similar to snook, all year in Tokyo Bay.
    Dolphinfish and tunas, summer and autumn in Sagami Bay.
    No bonefish or permit, but trevallies and groupers in Okinawa.
    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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    Default Re: Bonefishing in Belize

    Frank, Dan & Mark,

    Yes, it was as great trip and I can reccomend Turneffe Flats lodge as both a great place to fish out of and a friendly place to simply enjoy yourself.

    Hideto-san (Neversink),

    if I can find a way back to Japan in the near-term, you know that I'll be in touch with you. I'm still telling the stories about fishing with you for Yamame and Iwana in the mountains West of Nikko. It was a really great trip!

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