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  1. Default Flats Fishing Dream Trip!?

    I am an avid fly fisherman and very fortunate to live on one of Montana's premier rivers.
    I have read and looked through these forums many times, just recently joined.
    I am looking for some advice. I have been planning and preparing for a saltwater flats trip for some time now.
    I just dont know where to go? I realize there are many options. I am not worried about catching record fish, just would like a reasonably priced location where I have the oportunity to catch many fish.
    This is not a trip I will be able to continue every year as I work on a ranch and have been saving for this. I guess I would like the best bang for my buck.
    Any thoughts or tips would be wonderful!
    Thank You

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    Default Re: Flats Fishing Dream Trip!?

    Two places come to mind. Belize and Ascension Bay South of Cancun. Both of these places are very nice! Great local places to eat, etc. You will find upscale hotels as well as cheap stays for as little as 40 bucks. I feel you will get a lot for your dollar.

    I know that the current prices for a guided trip in Belize right now are around $300/full day. I know you can't get a guided trip in the Keys for that much! I can't remember what the prices were for a guide in Ascension Bay. I'm planning to go to Ambergris Caye at the end of June. It's pretty hard to beat!

    Good luck on deciding where to go. I'm sure you'll end up in a great place!


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