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Thread: Hawaii Bones

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    Hawaii Oio
    I've heard reports this week of some nice bonefish being caught..... some of the larger ones topping 9 pounds. They are not all that big, but then even a small one will get you into the backing. As the water temperature heats up this summer we should see more and larger bones.
    Clay with a Hawaiian Bone

    Kenny B. with number 3.

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    the buisness should pick up down there because of this months saltwater fly fishing mag... I was pretty Impressed with the Hawaii Bones i saw thats for sure..

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    A friend called me up and said he got 6 on July 4th. largest was 8 pounds... well, the largest one spooled him and broke the 20# leader.
    It's been on and off so far this summer. One day they are fighting over your flys, and the next day they are few and far between. But there the next day. Still lots of fish around.

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    Stan: Reminds me of my recent float on the upper North Platte, we hit it with the fish on the feed and the action was great almost all day. At the end of the day I was talking with a couple guides and they said they floated that same section the day before and the action was slow, go figure!


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