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    Default Myrtle Beach Fly Fishing

    I am making a trip June 11 to Myrtle Beach, SC. All my buddies are golfing, but I want to wet a fly. I've done saltwater in many different areas, but never in South Carolina in June. can anybody give me some advice on what, where, and with who? I am looking at hiring a charter and/or fishing from shore.

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    I'm just now learning to fly fish so I can't help too much but I can suggest a few guides. Captain Mark Dickson of Shallow Minded Charters out of Little River is a good guy and will put you on fish if you're on the north end of Myrtle Beach. If you're on the south end of the beach you can head down toward Pawley's Island, Georgetown and check out Fred Rourk of Sweet Tea Charters. Both guys are great, good to fish with and do some fly fishing.

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    Ive heard that tarpon migrate into SC around lake june into august depending on the water temps. Ill be down there august first and hopefully can track some down.

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