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  1. Default Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    I need some help finding a good guide to take me on the flats for bone fish. If any one know a really good guide, I would love the info. I do not have any salt water tackle so I would need some one that would supply all the tackle. Thanks for any information.

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    Hance Young

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    Default Re: Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    Hance welcome to the forum. I haven't done a lot of bonefishing in the Keys, but I've been down there a fair amount tarpon fishing. Hopefully some of our SW folks with more experience with Keys bonefish will weigh in.

    Bonefishing in the Keys can be a bit tough if you've never done it (bonefished) before. Seeing fish, getting used to casting from a boat, and presenting flies well to the fish if you can get within range can be a bit frustrating. If you have bonefished in other places, know your way around the front of a flats skiff, have some experience spotting fish and casting in wind that will be a big advantage.

    But even so, bonefishing can be very weather dependent, with water temps, barometric pressure and wind all exerting some influence. So it might be helpful if you want to target bones to also have a Plan B in your pocket too to give you some other options just in case the fish or the weather aren't cooperating.

    Depending on where you'll be in the Keys (and when you're going to be there), you might want to be a bit flexible, especially if you're going to have limited time like 1-2 day/s on the water.

    One option is booking a guide through Sandy Moret's place in Islamorada
    Florida Keys Outfitters :: Guided Fishing

    He is very knowledgeable and can hook you up with a guide. Islamorada has some excellent bonefish flats and is close enough to the Everglades that if you book a full day trip you can fish the flats for bones in the AM and if that pans out and you're having fun, you could stick with it and chase bones all day. But if you're getting frustrated and not finding them on the flats, or are getting blown out with wind, you could head into the everglades for some baby tarpon, snappers and tons of action-- and the possibility of some truly large laid up tarpon. One advantage to doing this if you have a non-fishing partner, is that the everglades backcountry is truly spectacular with plenty of wildlife etc. If this is something you'd like to do, discuss it with Sandy and your guide before hand so they can plan it out in advance. (It might determine where you meet to launch the boat etc)

    If you're going to be further down in the Keys in Key West, Saltwater Angler
    Salt Water can also arrange guides, and you could do the same type of deal with bonefish being the primary target, but having other options if the fish or wind aren't cooperating.

    Both of these shops are very well respected, and have a good stable of knowledgeable guides. Whoever you use, be frank with them in terms of your experience and mention that you will need gear (any reputable guide should have quality equipment for you to use, but you'll need to give them a heads up in advance to make sure they'll bring it with them to the dock.)

    The good news is that there are tons of things that tug pretty hard down in the Keys, so by all means target bones if that's what you want to chase, but keep an open mind and discuss a back up plan with your guide well before hand to give you the most options.

    I hope this helps a bit-- keep on asking questions- and again welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    I've fished with Sandy Moret and second that recommendation!

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    Default Re: Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    I would recommend Capt. Kris Bacen. He is a excellent guide who is very laid back (no yelling). He has a thorough understanding of bonefishing and loves to do it. Google search his name and I can assure you that you will have fun

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    Default Re: Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    Best bonefishing guide Vic Gaspeny out of Bud n Marys in Islamirada. Also an excellent Tarpon guide.

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    Best bonefish guide Vic Gaspeney out of Bud n Marys in Islamorada. Also excellent Tarpon guide.

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    Default Re: Bone fishing in the Florida Keys

    if youre not looking into spending much money and you can pick up a cheap outfit that you can later use for heavy saltwater if you want id recommend renting a kayak and fishing the key largo sound.

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