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Thread: OSA Peninsula??

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    I am heade to the southern part of the Osa peninsula (Costa Rica) for 12 days in Nov. If anyone has been there what sort of surf fishing, wading oppurtunities are there? We were in the northern part of Costa Rica in the spring and there were just tons of very fishy looking rock outcroppings etc. Not having gear made me sad. The problem for this trip is I will be going straight from Afghanistan and will have to mail order myself some gear as I will be meeting wife and daughter at airport. If i asked my wife to go into my "man cave" and pack my 9wt and respool my salmon reel with saltwater line etc. it creates two problems. 1. she will not have a clue and i may end with my 3wt small creek rod and a box of #18 parachute adams and 2. she will see how many fly rods I actually have. I am wondering if the fishing is worth dropping the coin on new rig? Maybe I could use a 10wt anyhow
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